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The major advantages of the crossflow turbine (also known as Ossberger turbine, named after one of its inventors, Fritz Ossberger) are its robust design and low error susceptibility, combined with a flat efficiency curve, which remains almost constant even with strongly fluctuating water quantities. This allows despite everything a high annual output.


Advancement of the crossflow turbine

In the course of a research project cooperating with the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery of the Graz University of Technology, we have succeeded in significantly improving the fluid mechanics of the CFT turbine, which is based on the crossflow turbine principle.

The efficiency level has been significantly increased, and the partial load behaviour of the improved turbine is excellent as well. The data obtained allows the CFT turbines to be designed even more precisely, and optimally adapted to the hydraulic conditions of the customer's plants.

Design examples and advantages

  • Very robust and long-lasting construction
  • Hydraulic or electric guide vane adjustment
  • Single or double-cell model
  • Depending on the data of the plant, coupled directly, available with gear transmission
  • Flat efficiency curve, thus a large annual output is possible
  • Insensitive to dirt, such as leaves etc.
  • Inexpensive alternative in the low-pressure range