Using modern simulation software, geometries are optimised with the help of fluid mechanics, and high-stress components are checked by means of FEM calculation.

The turbine design and its geometries are precisely measured and continuously improved on our in-house turbine test bed with the appropriate measurement and control technology.

After a hydropower plant has been commissioned, it is analysed by us using characteristic curve measurements, which gives us important information about the turbine output over the entire control range.

The knowledge gained this way flows back into the design and construction of new plants.


Patented manufacturing process for Pelton impellers

In 2010, in the course of a development project, the manufacturing of Pelton impellers was simplified and at the same time their strength was increased.

The manufacturing process has subsequently been registered as a patent.

Advancement of the crossflow turbine

In the course of a research project cooperating with the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery of the Graz University of Technology, we have succeeded in significantly improving the fluid mechanics of the CFT turbine, which is based on the crossflow turbine principle.

The efficiency level has been significantly increased, and the partial load behaviour of the improved turbine is excellent as well. The data obtained allows the CFT turbines to be designed even more precisely, and optimally adapted to the hydraulic conditions of the customer's plants.