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Hydropower plants
Special machines

„ All is born of water,
all is sustained by water.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Innovation and sustainability

What we do

Research & Development
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As part of our innovation work, we develop various prototypes and research projects in the fields of hydropower and special machine construction. We can look back on successful patent applications for our innovative solutions in both disciplines. Especially in the sector of hydropower, we can rely on the long-standing cooperation with the Graz University of Technology, which scientifically supports our practical results.

Advice & planning
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Although we do not undertake traditional planning work, we can provide you with initial advice and information about the possible use and design of a hydroelectric power plant or the construction of a special machine. Due to our many years of experience in these areas, we can offer you realistic and practical advice from design to handover.

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Each system is individually designed and constructed by our design team using state-of-the-art software systems. The machines are therefore adapted exactly to the requirements and are planned and manufactured in a tailor-made manner.

Mechanical engineering
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Manufacturing, assembly and commissioning are carried out entirely by our own, highly specialized technicians. With our modern machinery and highly trained technicians, we can manufacture all parts ourselves. Various turning and milling machines, as well as other special manufacturing machines, are used. Thanks to many years of experience in turbine construction, we have special know-how in processing a wide variety of stainless steel alloys. The welding department has decades of experience in turbine construction. This results in a standard for weld seams that is second to none. Since 2022, welding has been supported by a collaborative welding robot.

Component assembly
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During component assembly, a large proportion of the parts and components are assembled and, as far as possible, connected and checked in terms of control technology. This means that the entire system is tested in-house before delivery.

Electrical engineering
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We can produce and supply the control technology for smaller turbine systems with asynchronous generators or isolated operating solutions ourselves. In the electrical engineering department, the control cabinets for the power plants are assembled and checked according to prepared circuit diagrams. The control technology for larger turbine systems is implemented by our partner companies. Through cooperation with renowned companies from all over Austria, we can demonstrate the successful implementation of many projects in the DACH region as well as internationally. This means the customer has the opportunity to purchase the complete electromechanical equipment from a single source. A state-of-the-art visualization and remote control system is used.

Assembly & commissioning
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The assembly and commissioning is carried out by our assembly team on site. Thanks to extensive pre-assembly and in-house testing, we can guarantee quick delivery and assembly of the entire system.

Service & Maintenance
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Depending on your needs, service and maintenance is carried out by our technicians.

An excerpt from our customers and partners with whom we have already successfully implemented innovative projects:
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Our company – History

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    The company “Maschinenbau Bernhard Unterlercher“ was founded as a sole proprietorship in Hopfgarten i.D..

  • A new company building was built.


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  • Unternehmen Bild 3


    An addition was made to enlarge the welding department.

  • Reorganization of the sole proprietorship “Maschinenbau Bernhard Unterlercher ” into “Maschinenbau Unterlercher GmbH “.


    Unternehmen Bild 4
  • Unternehmen Bild 5


    The hall was increased. Office space was created on the upper floor.

  • The assembly area was enlarged through an extension.


    Unternehmen Bild 6
  • Unternehmen Bild 7


    A further extension enriched the company with a storage room, a lounge and a laboratory for research purposes in the field of hydropower and control technology.

  • Construction of a new assembly hall.


    Unternehmen Bild 8
  • Unternehmen Bild 9


    Manufacturing and assembly were spatially separated. The entire manufacturing process takes place in the original building. The assembly of components takes place in the new hall.