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Crossflow turbine

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The crossflow turbine is acted upon radially. The incoming motive water to the turbine is divided by profile guide vanes, diverted and fed to the impeller without any shocks. In addition to guiding the flow, the guide vanes primarily serve to control the flow. The incoming water is fed to the impeller from the rectangular cross-sectional profile and then flows twice through the roller-shaped impeller with a horizontal shaft. The motive water flows through the impeller first from the outside to the inside and then again from the inside to the outside after it has crossed the center of the impeller.

Due to the double flow, the energy is largely completely dissipated in two stages and the impeller also cleans itself. Compared to the Francis turbine, the crossflow turbine has a lower peak efficiency, but the efficiencies are higher in the partial load range and therefore a higher annual production can usually be achieved.

Advancement of the crossflow turbine

In the course of a research project cooperating with the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery of the Graz University of Technology, we have succeeded in significantly improving the fluid mechanics of the CFT turbine, which is based on the crossflow turbine principle.

The efficiency level has been significantly increased, and the partial load behaviour of the improved turbine is excellent as well. 



As part of a master's thesis at Graz University of Technology, our crossflow turbine was experimentally examined on an in-house test bench. The aim of this work was to precisely verify the influence of a draft tube and also to compare different draft tube shapes with each other. It was shown that the use of a draft tube leads to a significant increase in performance, especially in the low-pressure range, and that a very special shape has advantages over other shapes. In addition, other very interesting findings emerged.

The data obtained allows the CFT turbines to be designed even more precisely, and optimally adapted to the hydraulic conditions of the customer's plants.

Our proven Crossflow turbine designed as a serial product

  • Available in 16 standard sizes
  • Plug & Play-system, simply install and it is ready to go
  • Adjustments to the existing conditions are possible according to customer requirements
  • For isolated or parallel usage
  • Controlling and generator included
  • Optionally with safety-shutoff device
  • Rotor diameter 200, 350 or 500 mm
  • Comes with detailed installation- and operating manual

The diagram and the Flyer below show the available models and their optimal operating factors. According to drop-height and flow, the most suiting turbine can be determined.

Chart Image