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Research & Development

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Patented manufacturing process for Pelton impellers

In 2010, in the course of a development project, the manufacturing of Pelton impellers has been simplified, and at the same time their stability could be increased.
The turbine blades are milled from the solid material 1.4313 on modern CNC machines and then assembled with a cohesive and positive connection with the side discs to form a high-quality impeller.
This production was patented by us (EP 2 365 209 A2). This design guarantees the highest level of accuracy and is also absolutely operationally safe.

Advancement of the crossflow turbine

In the course of a research project cooperating with the Institute of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery of the Graz University of Technology, we have succeeded in significantly improving the fluid mechanics of the CFT turbine, which is based on the crossflow turbine principle.

The efficiency level has been significantly increased, and the partial load behaviour of the improved turbine is excellent as well. 

Experimental investigation of the crossflow turbine with a draft tube

As part of a master's thesis at Graz University of Technology, our crossflow turbine was experimentally examined on an in-house test bench. The aim of this work was to precisely verify the influence of a draft tube and also to compare different draft tube shapes with each other. It was shown that the use of a draft tube leads to a significant increase in performance, especially in the low-pressure range, and that a very special shape has advantages over other shapes. In addition, other very interesting findings emerged. 

The data obtained allows the CFT turbines to be designed even more precisely, and optimally adapted to the hydraulic conditions of the customer's plants.