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Pelton turbine

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In 2010, in the course of a development project, the manufacturing of Pelton impellers has been simplified, and at the same time their stability could be increased. The turbine blades are milled from the solid material 1.4313 on modern CNC machines and then assembled with a cohesive and positive connection with the side discs to form a high-quality impeller. This production was patented by us (EP 2 365 209 A2). This design guarantees the highest level of accuracy and is also absolutely operationally safe.

We can either mill the Pelton impellers from solid material or produce them using our patented manufacturing method.

The Pelton turbine is our most popular turbine type and we now have over 200 Pelton turbines successfully in operation.

  • From approx. 10 kW to 3.000 kW
  • 1 to 6 nozzle design – horizontal or vertical axis
  • Impeller mounted directly on the generator shaft without couplings or additional bearings
  • Infinitely variable position control of nozzle needles and jet deflectors with electric servo motors
  • Self-developed nozzle actuators to increase the efficiency of the control
  • Shortest synchronization times thanks to optimized control
  • Optimally coordinated components and materials
  • Flexible adaptation to customer wishes and respective requirements