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While in the beginning, small island systems were built for remote alpine farms, over the years the company has developed into a reliable supplier of small hydropower plants with outputs of up to 3000 kW in Austria and abroad.

Thanks to long-term experience in turbine construction, we are now able to fall back on a large number of proven impeller and turbine variants.

Each plant is individually designed and manufactured by us, thus the highest possible turbine efficiency is achieved, and customer requirements can be met promptly and unbureaucratically. In addition, there were collaborations with the Graz University of Technology to verify the turbine efficiency on the test bench of the Institute for Hydraulic Fluid Machinery. Cooperating with our partner companies, we can also offer the electrotechnical equipment of the hydropower plant. In this way you get the entire technical equipment from a single source. From the initial consultation to planning and design, construction, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning as well as maintenance, everything can be done by us.

We have been producing Pelton and Crossflow turbines for over 30 years. We therefore have extensive know-how in the production as well as in optimizing and increasing the efficiency of these turbine variants. The design and construction of the entire hydropower plant is carried out by our construction team. The most modern 3D CAD systems and calculation programs are used.

The entire production is carried out in-house in our own manufacturing department. From the Pelton impeller, for the production of which we have a patent solution, to the nozzle and jet deflector actuators, everything is developed and produced by us. The only purchased parts are the generator and the shut-off device. That's why we pay particular attention to the quality of these purchased parts in order to be able to execute and guarantee the overall system to a high quality.

We manufacture Pelton turbines with 1 to 6 nozzles from approx. 10 kW to 3.000 kW.

We manufacture Crossflow turbines with 1 or 2 cell designs from approx. 10 kW to 1.500 kW.